Sunday, January 8, 2017

How chaos almost ruled the world


         The last book that I will read to reach my goal of finishing eight books is The Serpent's Shadow which is the third and final book in the Kane Chronicles. I've almost finished it and hope to finish it before the deadline so that I can finish my goal. The book takes place a couple months after the second book (which I also did a blog on) and focus's on the rise of the serpent chaos god Apophis after he was set free in the second book.The only way to destroy Apophis is by capturing his shadow which in Egyptian mythology is the fifth part of a soul, humans and gods alike have souls and can be utterly vanquished if there soul is destroyed. Carter Kane and Sadie Kane ,who are the main characters, must find out how to capture and destroy Apophis's shadow in order to restore balance between Ma'at and Chaos.

        Spoilers for The Serpent's Shadow: In all of the books there is a prophecy in ancient Egyptian religion that during the end times the chaos god Apophis would swallow the sun and create everlasting chaos on earth. After the Sun is swallowed, he will have free will over Earth, it's inhabitants, and the gods themselves. In order to stop this Carter and Sadie Kane must work to delay the prophecy by allying gods and magicians in order to stop Apophis. Helping Sadie and Carter Kane is Amos, there uncle who recently became the leader of a group of magicians called the House of Life, however he and his supporters can't help that much because the groups numbers are thinning. But Lord of Chaos does not work alone, rebel magicians who oppose the Kane's try to thwart them from causing any harm to the chaos god. There leaders, persuaded by Apophis himself try to rid the world of any hindrances, whether they be the Kane family and their followers, or the House of Life and there supporters. What would you do in such a time of Chaos, would you fight against it or will you fall to it's corrupting ways?

Friday, December 16, 2016

God will give him blood to drink

I have just finished the book The House of the Seven Gables which is my AP book title and that brings my reading goal to seven books. All I need to do is read one more book to reach my goal of reading eight books. In the House of the Seven Gables the Pyncheon family is cursed by a supposed wizard who was lynched by the orders of Colonel Pyncheon. The story takes place many epochs after Colonel Pyncheon and starts with the old, poor, and cranky Hepzibah. She and her brother Clifford live alone in the House of the Seven Gables rarely engaged in life outside of there own. However, that changed when a country girl by the name Phoebe came to visit her aunt and uncle and soon the house became more lively than before.

This will contain spoilers for The House of the Seven Gables: when the wizard Maule set a curse on Pyncheon family he said, "God will give him blood to drink." and is referenced throughout the book as the curse that he placed of the Pyncheon family. Colonel Pyncheon, after he had been bestowed Maules deed to the plot of land that he desired, he built a mansion which came to be known as the House of the Seven Gables. After it complete he unfortunately was murdered by an unknown entity. This entity is assumed to be the works of the deceased Maule and his curse. Maule still after many epochs influences the house especially since it was the reason for Judge Pyncheons death, who was a old and greedy man who wanted power over anything else. With the death of Judge Pyncheon, Hepzibah, Clifford, and Phobe move out of the House of the Seven Gables and into Judge Pyncheons house ,which is more modern than the former, as well as inherit all of his wealth, leaving the House of the Seven Gables forever. If someone put a curse on you, how would you react?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Egyptian Magic

                       The book that I have just finished was The Throne of Fire which is the second book in the Kane Chronicles. The Kane Chronicles are all about ancient Egyptian gods and Egyptian magic much like Percy Jackson only this book uses Egyptian lore. The book picks up the story of Sadie and Carter Kane who have created a sort of school for any member of a Pharaoh bloodline. Some students are as young as nine, and some are just beginning college. They will be trained by Carter and Sadie as well as their uncle Amos (a very powerful magician). In the beginning of the book, they have five days until the lord of chaos Apophis comes to eat the sun fulfilling the ancient prophecy. The only counter to this is for Sadie and Carter to reinstill Ra the sun god to his rightful throne and arch-enemy of Apophis, only then may they be able to stop chaos with order.

                      Spoilers for The Throne of fire: In the book, there are many forms of magic. Different gods yield different types of magic and the more powerful you are in the art, the more spells you know. But magic isn't something to toy with, people may feel all powerful with magic at their fingertips but if they use it too excessively they might just burn up because magic is about conserving power, the more power or the larger the spell, the more likely that the person casting the spell will burst into nothing. Powerful magicians have a higher breaking point but they can die all the same. This overuse of magic is a constant problem since it's used so often in the book it's actually how Carter and Sadie's mother died. Using magic like that makes the person feel weak and feeble and sometimes can cause people to blackout. So It's important in the book that people don't step over their boundaries less the are reduced to a pile of ash. If you had the power of an Egyptian mage, how would you use it?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Gods Among Men

             These next nine weeks I will continue to read books and even after I achieve my goal of eight books I would still read. I am on the verge of completing The Red Pyramid. This book is all about Egyptian gods and goddesses and the casting of magic. I thought of it as kind of like the Percy Jackson series only that is with Greek gods and goddesses. The book is written like the two main characters Sadie and Carter are talking to the reader via audio file and is a really interesting writing style. Sadie and Carter are of the blood of the Pharaohs and topped with gods living inside them make them really great magic users and fighters all around. It is a really interesting book to read and I just need to read two more pages and then I've completed it.

           This Paragraph may contain spoilers for The Red Pyramid. One really important idea that is said throughout the book is that the gods and goddesses are able to influence humans either by forcing their will over them and possessing them, they could be faint whispers in your mind, giving advice when need be, or the god and the human can coincide with one another, neither having more influence on the body than the other. This is important because it is this balance between god and man that helped defeat one of the most powerful gods Set and stop him from destroying the world. "This mountain shall serve as my place of worship. When it is complete,I will summon the greatest storm ever known. I will cleanse everything.Everything." Only true balance between Carter and his god and Sadie and her goddess could, and did stop Set from unleashing that storm. If you knew that there was a god living inside you, how would you feel?

Monday, October 10, 2016

An island of children

               I've just finished the book Lone Survivor and have moved on to my next book Lord of the Flies which is the book that I have to read for my English class. The book is about a group of boys that end up on an uninhabited island. There are no grown-ups in the group and some are as young as six. They all meet up to discuss what to do next.  Right when first meeting started the children all elected a chief. To the children the chief is the closest thing to a grown-up so they heed his every word. The only way to get off the island is to work together but because most of the children don't like the idea of working they probably won't get off anytime soon unless they get rescued by an oncoming ship. To make matters worse there is  a rumor going around of a monster roaming the island though only the younger kids saw something. The Lord of the Flies is the fifth book that I am reading for school and to reach my goal of eight books I have to read three more.

               Spoilers for The Lord of the Flies. One of the many things that the islanders want to have is meat and it is said many times in the book, "We want meat." There are pigs that inhabit the island so there are hunts made to find a pig. Most of the hunts had ended in a pig escaping so the leader of this hunting party Jack wanted all the men he could get so he got two twins, Sam and Eric to help him. Sam and Eric were supposed to tend to a fire and make sure there was smoke in the sky for any ship to see. When Sam and Eric went hunting they put out the fire. Unfortunately during their hunt a ship was passing by and didn't see anything so continued on its way. On their hunt they managed to catch a pig and were so pleased with their work, they paraded it down to their Chief Simon. Simon was very upset because of how Sam and Eric left their post. but his anger was centered more on the hunting parties leader, Jack. So now Simon has to think of a way to organize the group because only then might they escape the island. How would you feel if you were stuck on an island with a group of children?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Surviving in the steppes of Afghanistan

                 Currently I am reading Lone Survivor, the book that I need for non-fiction. The book is about a team of Navy Seals tasked with stomping out any terrorists hidden throughout the mountains of Afghanistan. I'm almost one-hundred pages in and so far most everything was a flashback to his time in boot camp and his time in Iraq. The flashbacks are interesting especially the ones about his time in training for the Navy Seals and what he and many others had to go through to become one of the best in the military. Later on in the book he has to survive out in the wild by himself while being hunted by an enemy who knows the land like the back of their hand. Lone Survivor is my fourth book for my goal of eight and considering I have reached the halfway mark for my goal, I think I have been making good time and finish my goal in no time.

                 Spoilers for Lone Survivor in this paragraph. I think that the thing that makes the main character stand out is his commitment to becoming a Navy Seal. His dad taught him how to swim, how to shoot, and how to survive in the outdoors when he was a kid. His neighbor an ex-Navy Seal also helped by training him and some other boys to be Navy Seals. "I plucked up my courage and went to his house to ask if he could train me to be a Navy Seal." His training his dad gave him, and the training his neighbor Billy gave him was enough for him to make it into training for becoming a Navy Seal and pass. Later he uses this knowledge to his advantage by surviving out in the wild steppes of Afghanistan. The training that the Navy Seals go through is really rough and requires skill and dedication if they want to pass and this is evident in how Marcus makes his way trough the wilds of Afghanistan battered and bruised, on the brink of collapse. But his determination and his willpower help him stay alive. Would you be able to survive out in the wild not being able to contact anyone?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Death Cure and my new book Lone Survivor

   My reading goal is going well. I have finished The Death Cure, the last of the main series of books and moved on to my non-fiction book Lone Survivor about a Navy Seal veteran going on a mission to Afghanistan. I think with how quick I am going through these books reading somewhere around fifty pages, I will be able to reach my school reading goal in no time.

  The book that I read The Death Cure, a novel from James Dashner and the last in the main series of the Maze Runner was action packed and filled with excitement. One thing that stood out to me was WICKED was good again, because there was more of a revelation. Spoiler alert for the Maze Runner series Especially The Death Cure. When Thomas was going to be dissected for his brain, a big explosion happened and the doctors fled right after they put Thomas under. When Thomas woke up he found a map of the complex and a note form Chancellor Paige telling him to free all the captives and flee. This is interesting because the Chancellor was the head of WICKED and wanted to free Thomas even though the employees wanted him dissected and use his brain for the cure. I think that the employees of WICKED had bad intentions but the Chancellor was the only one to value human life. If Chancellor Paige wanted Thomas alive, why did she let so many other Gladers die?